Business Activities


  • PCH System planning.
  • PCH PRINCE2 methodology based complex IT project management.
  • PCH In telecommunications, utilities, banking, energy and government sector.

System Integration Consulting

  • PCH Over 30-type interface technology (e.g. SAP iDoc).
  • PCH Transactions generated by 10 millions of subscribers.
  • PCH Enterprise middleware oriented integration.
  • PCH In telecommunications, utilities and government sector.

Software development

  • PCH technological recording and process supporting systems at telecomm companies.
  • PCH AGILE methodology driven delivery.
  • PCH In telecommunications, utilities and government sector.


  • PCH Applications and related software technologies.
  • POH Equipments and OEM exams.

Support and Maintenance

  • PCH long-term application support and maintenance under specialized contracts.
  • PCH Call Center and phone support.
  • POH Nationwide onsite office equipment support and maintenance under OEM warranty.
  • POH In telecommunications, utilities, banking, energy, logistics and government sector.