Service Provisioning

Welcome To SPA®!

What is SPA®?


Service Provisioning & Activation platform is designed to provide flexible framework to support service provisioning and activation processes by automating service design and NMS activations.

SPA® was designed according to e-TOM model in order to support medium-term and long-term CRM strategies of telco companies. SPA® serves as a new layer that makes resource systems and CRM systems independent of each other.

  • CRM gateway
  • Workflow engine
  • Decompositions
  • Provisioning system gateway
  • Workforce management gateway
  • NMS gateway
  • Frame system 

Next-generation services require fast, accurate activation. Thanks to personalized services, hybrid networks and end-to-end service guarantees service configuration is becoming more complex all the time.

Zero-touch, first time right automated fulfilment is the essence of multi-play service delivery. It ensures against provisioning delays, activation outages, and the subsequent SLA violations that result in customer churn.

SPA® is capable to support and optimize the entire service delivery process from service design and resource assignment, to order taking, service activation, and upstream systems notification.