IVR Controlling

Welcome To AKaR®!

What is AKaR®?


AKaR® is the gateway to your Technical Inventory System. AKaR® provides up to date, correct, reliable information from that place where your technicians are working currently. Just a simple phone call, and - supported by the customisable voice menu - with the phone buttons the passive network elements data being stored immediately. 
The system supports Your Company deminishing
o       time needed for loading data to the Inventory
o       errors in qualified data
o       delivery time (moreover increasing trustiness)
o       time for failure correction.

For more information about AKaR® please contact our Customer Service.

AKaR® as a stand-alone system can be integrated to Technical Inventory and Resource Management systems. Akar can be considered as a module of our ReKoD® product. See details at.