Prudent Counsel House Ltd.



Prudent Counsel House, Ltd. was founded in 1999 to develop integrated new generation software solution that targets the utility sector and enterprises with thousands of customers. The largest volume of the annual turnover is concluded with the telecom companies especially with one of the most important client T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom's regional subsidiaries providing technical inventory, asset and workflow management solutions.
In recent years our presence is dominated in the CRM integrations, focusing on the decomposition (between customer requirements and technical abilities) software-segment, as well as the building bridges to SAP modules.
Each year, we have achieved a substantial order book expansion.
We have gained significant experience during the implementations in business workflow oriented demand analysis (which also provides up sales opportunities), a pragmatic AGILE based system implementation and long-term ITIL based support contract procedures.

Utilities industry, and especially telecom is a continuously changing environment. For this reason our objective is to improve the depth of our knowledge on technologies and extend our knowledge base earlier than changes pop-up. This way we are always one step ahead the requirements. By the time new services and products appear on the market our consultants already have an in-depth knowledge of the new requirements

To carry out our aim at developing our knowledge continuously and being the most reliable, quickly and flexibly responsive partner of our clients we employ highly educated professionals including Ph.D.s. They all have several years of experience in a wide range of special area of the utilities industry.

Acknowledging the past year’s quality works we won the „Deutsche Telekom Group Class A supplier” honorary title.




Main area of the company consulting activities includes system planning
software technology and complex information technology project planning. Our consultants are experts of telecommunications and utilities sector.


System Integration

Our systems are highly integrated to applications covering related business activities (e.g. billing, CRM, user authentication, etc.). Prudent Counsel House has developed over 30 interfaces that provided an unthinkable amount of experience in system integration. These interfaces can handle the daily transactions generated by 3 million subscribers. Prudent Counsel House also have expertise in developing ETL tools.

Software development

Our development activity is essential for technological recording and process supporting systems at telecomm companies.
We are working in the following software environment:
· Operating systems: IBM IAX, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Guardian, Linux, Windows NT, Windows CE, Windows Mobile
· Database: Oracle (8i, 9i, 10g, 11g)
· Middlewares: IBM MQSeries, JMS
· Programming languages: Java, C++, C#, Borland Delphi, Embedded Visual C++, PHP, JSP, JavaScript
· Platforms: Java, Eclipse, .NET, Windows CE .NET, HP Service Activator
· Application servers: WebLogic, Websphere, Oracle AS, JBoss, Glassfish
· Technologies: J2EE, J2ME, JSF, Web services


PCH offers training on our applications and related software technologies such as Java, Oracle, Non-stop SQL

Office supplies

PCH provides office supplies to customers from a wide range of economy from consumer product sales to transportation, including the bank sector.




Prudent Counsel House received the ISO 9001:2001 quality system certificate from the TÜV Hungary in 2004. In 2000 our most important client Deutsche Telekom qualified Prudent Counsel House as „Highly Recommended” supplier.


TÜV The company became ISO 9001:2001 certified in 2004.