System Architecture and Connections

Our solution is prepared for various interface possibilities and provides technical data to several organization staff.

"Logical layer" supports Customer Care, and Marketing-Sales department with information about the network. This layer has a responsibility for identifying network capacity, searching free path, deal with service-circuit relations and have connection to the "physical layer".

At this level system has existing "open" interfaces and communicate directly to WorkFlow/WorkForce Management application and Siebel Customer Relation Management system. These two application cover commercial part at most of telecommunication companies.

"Physical layer" prepared to interface various support and management systems. Activations of devices of the physical structure are reported to financial systems via asset management interface.

ReKoD® has "open" interface solution to GIS (Geographical Information System) and provides "EOV co-ordinates" for all customer and service provider's locations.

There are possibilities to link "Network and Element Management systems" that ensures network component reliability in ReKoD®.