One of the most important components of physical network is the cable, which link network elements. ReKoD® provides complex solution for handling cable-networks, passive element registrations and “Automated route allocation”. The user gets the most accurate information about available and planned base network capacity. Module is close to “Duct system” because cables going over the pipes, which are registered there. For copper cabling ReKoD® handles the following categories:

  • in-house wiring,

  • distributor frames,

  • cross connects of distributor frames,

  • cables,

  • wire pairs.

These connections can be visualized automatically via ReKoD® draw functions like “topology”, ”wire-pair”, “ biding”, “ wire-occupation” and help the planners with making work-orders, maintenance staff when searching faulty areas.


This module provides similar functionalities as the copper cable module but there are some typical rules, which fulfil special requirements. These requirements are the spatial structures of cables, staple colouring, joint type, network structure (ring, flat, point-to-point, star) and some additional information. Automatic or semi-automatic routing in all level of optical network is available.
ReKoD® can handle the following features of optical networks:

  • equipments of the optical networks (WDM, DWDM and optical splitters,

  • optical distributor frames and splices; trays and patch panels,

  • cabling of optical distributor frames and splices,

  • braiding and fiber structure of optical cables,

  • the splicing procedure (unattached fibers, pigtails, patch-cord handling),

  • an automatic tool for adding new spice boxes on a cable segment,

  • cross connects on ODFs,

  • the history of measurement results of fibers,

  • optical link reservation,

  • capacity usage of SDH or other higher level networks built upon the optical network,

  • dark fibers, rented fibers,

  • schematics of optical networks,

  • planning projects for optical networks.