This module ensures users that they can create connection between “A” and “B” points. Circuit logic of ReKoD® gives the possibilities of path searching, equipments resource allocation, auto-routing not only on logical but also on physical level.

The automatic resource reservation functionality includes the following features.

  • Auto-routing in the access network

  • Auto-routing in organizers

  • Automatic CPE assignment

  • Semi-automatic routing functions are available for the optical network:

    • Search for free optical fiber

    • Automatic patching in ODFs

The benefit of circuit module is that it reduces the considerable human resource requirement of service fulfilment processes and as a consequence it reduces fulfilment costs significantly. Typically supported processes are: feasibility survey, service delivery, phone number survey in marked regions.

An example: ReKoD® receives orders from the customer care system and automatically searches route, allocates resources, binds phone numbers to that and finally sends back this information to customer care system. It takes 1-2 seconds.