Billing and service registration systems provide information on customers, invoices and service description. Service registration is a part of ReKoD® as well, however the emphasis is transferred from commercial aspect to the technical side, that’s why ReKoD® supports technical feasibility and operation required data disposition.
ReKoD® supports the provisioning as well as automatic activation process for the following service types:

  • PSTN,

  • ISDN,

  • Leased Line,

  • Broadband Services of different DSL standards, (e.g. ADSL, ADSL2+, VDSL, SHDSL)

  • and other technologies such as FTTx, ETHx.

  • VoIp,

  • IPTV,

  • and VPN services.

ReKoD® addresses the challenges of DSL providing:

  • Executes feasibility study

  • Supports performing loop qualification

  • CPE installation and inventory management

  • Supports remote configuration and testing

  • Manages network capacity

  • Supports leveraging existing network and migration

  • Supports service bundling

  • Supports seamless interaction with wholesale partners

  • Handles multi-vendor, multi-technology network elements and CPEs.

In most cases customer care and billing system can be interfaced to ReKoD® and that ensure data consistency in each other. This solution enables the service provider to achieve fast reactions on customer requests and complains.