Bulk data upload functions

AKaR call based maintenance module


Via this module the user can upload data into ReKoD® database directly from site, by calling a special number.

  • data is recorded at the survey location,

  • recorded data is checked and approved by employee and the system as well, thus the risk of data distortion – that is coming from deviation – decreases considerably,

  • ensures the database is up-to-date and reflects the real network,

  • considerably speeds up the entire survey process.

Data loader


When the service provider has different subsidiary companies and they have own technical inventory systems and methods, then this function can be useful to make unified data source for parent company system upload.

  • Initial data loading,

  • uniform, predefined format,

  • processes data in separate transaction,

  • error lists can be retrieved and reprocessed.

Toolkit module


ToolKit module is a stand-alone asset management system, which manages entire life cycle of equipment. Asset management functionalities improve financial processes.

  • Inventory and logistic module,
  • follows up the location and the status of equipment through the entire life cycle.

Main features:

  • Handles inventories in the organization hierarchy,
  • additional fields can be arbitrarily assigned to equipments,
  • equipment transporting,
  • follows up the whole life cycle,
  • handles configurations,
  • supports repair process (reserve handling),
  • supply watch, messages module,
  • news module,
  • handles barcode scanner (data collection function),
  • reports, statistics.