Customer order fulfilment process

Customer order fulfilment starts in customer care system, and requires capacity information for offer making. ReKoD® solution provides scalable, open software that could work with customer's existing system to handle complete flow through from order negotiation to service provisioning.

ReKoD® by making preliminary capacity check (called feasibility study) accelerates order processing and increases revenue and profitability of telecommunication companies. Of course this interface can help in the case of customer complaint as well: detected trouble registered in customer care system arrives into ReKoD® and response ReKoD® provides all necessary technical details about service.

  1. Client calls Customer Care department for new service

  2. Customer Care colleague enters base data into OSS/Order handling system

  3. OSS automatically send „feasibility request” to ReKoD®

  4. ReKoD® checks free capacity and sends back detailed results to OSS

  5. Customer Care employee informs client about possibilities. Client select solution and OSS starts order and delivery process

  6. ReKoD® receives allocation request and reserves network objects, assigns phone number, routes circuit automatically

  7. ReKoD® sends answer to OSS

  8. OSS sends signal to start service activation