Forwarding processes are supported in EszközTár®. Both internal and external forwarding events are handled. Any equipment is most likely to be registered to EszközTár® via a forwarding event. The basis of each forwarding event is a forwarding order. Each shipment is uniquely identified.

Forwarding functionalities include the following:

  • Shipment handling
    • Create shipment
    • Move devices into shipment
    • Remove devices from shipment
    • Display releasable and released devices
    • Approve shipment
    • Withdraw shipment
  • Aggregated list of shipments
  • Itemized list of shipments
  • Take shipment into inventory
  • Forwarding document printing
    • Delivery note printing
    • Receipt printing
  • Special forwarding
    • Receive shipment information from technical inventory system (Internal equipment)
    • Report shipment status to technical inventory system
  • Report forwarding of activated devices to SAP