SAP gateway

Asset management has a number of financial effects. Therefore it is a key issue for EszközTár to have an interface to financial systems.

SAP gateway has the following functionality.

  • At the time a device is activated the event of activation is reported to SAP. Activation can be reported after the equipment has been registered to SAP.
  • At the time an active device is forwarded internally the fact of forwarding will be reported to SAP.
  • Warranty and repair processing is reported to SAP at the time the equipment returns.
  • The depreciation and disposal process strongly relies on the EszközTár®-SAP interface. First EszközTár® provides equipment list. Then SAP selects the equipment to be blocked (no business transactions allowed). EszközTár® takes care of blocking while SAP sorts out the equipment that will finally be disposed.
  • Time-to-time EszközTár®-SAP device list comparison can be executed