System advantages

  • The system reduces service delivery and fault detection time, so improves customer satisfaction.

  • EszközTár is capable of managing the entire lifecycle of modern network related assets used to deliver services to customers increases operational efficiency.

  • Maintaining optimal stock levels and tracking the end-to-end lifecycle of spares reduces capital CapEx.

  • Tracking detailed information about all network-related assets from CPE to installed software and spares in a single, centralized system supports financial processes.

  • Various alternative tools available to upload and update inventory data from external, even remote locations make the possibility of keeping data up-to-date and accurate

  • Introduction of new technologies does not involve software development, because the system is fully parameter driven.

  • Supports mass product operation processes and bulk uploads from different sources.

  • On-line communication with other systems via interfaces ensures the consistency with different systems.

  • ISO9001 certified development and support processes at the developer company ensures stable and reliable service maintain in the future.