Handling tasks

The core functions of the WFM® system are managing, organizing, follow-up and querying tasks and work processes.

The System provides a well-arranged view for the users to manage daily workload easier and let the workforce plan and group their tasks according to their need. The system WFM® provides the following main functions:

  • receives activities and activity requests via interfaces to external systems, or from Excel files

  • automatically merges activities or activity requests and organizes them into a tree-structure

  • supports task generation based on templates

  • the system can decompose tasks into subtasks and activities

  • event based subtask enrolment and priority setting

  • supports the allocation of tasks with several automatisms

  • lists assets and all related activities

  • displays task overview

  • handles the priority of tasks, modifications of priorities and the escalation of tasks

  • task may inherit properties from other tasks

  • supports the push (allocated by the dispatcher) and pull (taken by technical operators) task handling model in a flexible manner

  • supports the effective resource planning – both long term and daily - via graphical user interfaces

    • in time (Gantt-chart) and

    • in space (several maps)

  • multi-level status system supports the stand-by and scheduled tasks, also allows managers, dispatchers and employees to customize their views and always displays the relevant information

  • the System is accessible on a WAP-based user interface to make wireless access available and to minimize documentation need

  • notifications (via e-mail, SMS) can be automatically generated and delivered to selected people

  • the system creates a knowledge base

  • handles human resources

  • handles physical resources

  • assigns resources to assets

  • handles attachment upload and download

  • sophisticated tools to create user-defined reports

  • provides wide range of logging possibilities; events, changes to task, catalogue changes can be logged and logs can be retrieved

  • sends urgent tasks directly to employee’s cellular phones

  • supports dispatcher functions on cell-phones