Handling resources

The System is able to handle all the important data of employees. The system is capable of handling devices and tools, both itemized and stock level.

WFM® can also schedule and document the usage and capacity of these resources. Beside these core resource handling functions the WFM® is able to:

  • handle the organization structure of the company

  • keep records of the owner, location (depot) and organizational dependency of both human and non-human resources

  • display graphically the (even the future planned) usage of resources for a customizable period on a Gantt-chart, and create warning on collisions

  • handle timesheet of employees

  • handle special work-hours (training, on-call, vacation, etc.)

  • determine and show the location of the employees on a customizable detailed map

  • import the night duty scheduling to show it in the System

  • handle substitutions – automatically gives the suitable rights to the substitute personnel

  • import the data of resources from external systems (permanent synchronization) and group them into a hierarchical system

  • skill catalogue can be mapped with task types

  • skill based automatic dispatching of tasks