A valuable advantage of WFM® is its high customizability, which means: the customer has the right to customize the System to his/ her own needs. This functionality considerably reduces development costs. WFM® offers the following settings for system operators:

  • automatically generated notifications (e.g. automatically generated message can be sent to the dispatcher if the task has not been even started 2 hours prior to the deadline etc.)

  • classification of resources, definition of resource type properties (e.g. itemized or stock level inventory.)

  • properties of resources, tasks, locations

  • definition of fields mandatory to be filled to register tasks

  • starting time and running frequency of interfaces can be set up

  • statistical report can be freely edited (SQL), the results can be sent to any people (via e-mail) or uploaded to any server (via SFTP)

  • complete customizability of rights management (functional and organizational) supported by configurable templates

  • any view can be exported to Excel or to a text file

  • filtering on every displayed field (using functions on them e.g.: NOT, IS NULL etc.)

  • the System handles the operator and dispatcher roles in a flexible manner

  • handles the workdays and holidays in a flexible manner