In order to enable a seamless and automated orchestration across applications and to make service definition and deployment possible within hours, SPA® is a highly integrated system.

Customer Relation Management


Customers, requests, order are first registered in CRM. CRM automatically sends requests and orders to SPA®.

Billing & SLA


Service activation is reported to Billing and SLA.

Workforce Management


Workforce Management system coordinates the manual work associated with service deployment, while SPA® coordinates the automatic tasks, namely the NMS activations.

SPA® and WFM® co-operate in order to successfully carry out service deployment processes. The control is transferred between the two systems via checkpointing.

Technical Inventory and Resource Management


Executes feasibility studies, allocates resources. TI& RM is Equipped with an auto-routing engine that uses rule-based route-finding algorithms to identify optimal network paths based on fully parameterized search criteria.

NMS transaction call


NMS configurations and activation are executed in a two-layer architecture. The service activation manager determines the NMS transactions to be called. The communication to the NMS system is executed via HP Service Activator (HPSA). Based on service profiles and NMS command parameters HPSA validate activation input before calling the appropriate NMS system.
NMS blocks and WFM/TI&RM calls can be freely set up in any BWF: