Our core products are


  • AKaR  — Entrance to Your Technical Inventory

AKaR provides up to date, correct, reliable information from that place where your technicians are working currently. Just a simple phone call, and - supported by the customisable voice menu - with the phone buttons the passive network elements data being stored immediately.

EszközTár® is an assEt managemenT software developed for telecommunication companies. Equipped with inventory and logistic module, follows up the location and the status of equipment throughout the entire life cycle from purchasing, forwarding, activation, warranty processes until the depreciation and disposal processes.

  • ReKoD® — Technical Inventory and Planning System

ReKoD® is a technical inven­tory and planning system providing exact, up-to-date data on an easy to use, customizable user interface.

  • SPA® — Service Provisioning & Activation Platform

Service Provisioning & Activation platform is designed to provide flexible framework to support service provisioning and activation processes by automating service design and NMS activations.


  • WFM® — Workforce Management system

WorkFlow Management system developed by Prudent Ltd. is an excellent WorkForce/ WorkFlow supporting system that not only makes the organization of tasks easier, but provides up-to-date information to the management.